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Elfy-dank-a-doodle by MasterJazzman Elfy-dank-a-doodle by MasterJazzman
Just a quick doodle I did while helping my mom. It's a little thing between us. Whenever she starts a new sheet of her sketch desk pad thingie I draw a new picture on it. This time it's some random female elf.
It's not very good, I know, but quite alright for 10 minutes of work with my mind multitasking helping my mom ^_^
Corycat Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Shes cute! I like her hair and her expression..
do a digital make-over and it would look just perfect! :nod:
MasterJazzman Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Thank you, glad you like it. ^_^
Maybe I'll do a makeover but unfortunately right now all my spare time is planned into quite a crowded scedule. Enough to do doodles on desk pads but probably not enough for a full blown digital painting. Those things always take me forever ^_^;
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